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In this section you will learn abour Observational mode
of documentary wedding videos, long and short versions, Participatory mode
Documentary film makers
Natural & Storytelling Reportage | Long & Short

We offer you "long" or "short" version of wedding video. "Short" version may be as standalone version or as shortcut from "long" version. For both cases we like natural look as it is the best way how to get good looking wedding video.
We prefer Observational documentar mode to allowing viewers to reach whatever conclusions. But we add some Participatory mode where we interact with subjects rather than unobtrusively observe and add some music but no scene arrangement of any kind, and no narration.
We use multiple camera and external audio recording but not all ambient audio is usable. This is topic to be discussed. We can do both photo and video simultaneously. We as husband and wife face more complicated tasks then two services at once (well it is real challenge but we love it). We cover Austria and Slovakia with our services, but we are available for any dectination wedding.
No planning for any cinema package is necessary. Life is incredibly good director! We offer also  special vintage videos. Check and see the differences.

Marek & Klara

"short" wedding video from Schloss Halbturn Austria Burgenland
"short" version of wedding video from Lisa Alm in Flachau Austria
"short" version of wedding video from La Loft Restaurant and Hotel Imperial Vienna
"short" version of wedding video from Chateau Tomasov Slovakia
"short" version of wedding video from Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna

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Info you may need

Would you like to have old-timer on your wedding day?
Do you like fine art photography or photojournalism?
Is traditional analog film photography better today?
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