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hochzeitsvideo in Pfarrwirt Beethovenzimmer Wien
Pfarrwirt Beethovenzimmer W

Wedding in traditional Vienna’s loca- lities, vineyard over Vienna and Pfarrwirt. The history of this locality dates back to the 12th century. First built in 1180 as Berghof, the more...
  • open blog hochzeit in Schlosshof Niederosterreich
Marchegg | Schlosshof | Austria

These wedding took part in three key locations, getting ready in hotel Mercure Bratislava, church ceremony in Church at Marchegg and celebration in well known Schlosshof. The more...
  • open blog Schloss Halbturn Hochzeit Burgenland
Schloss Halbturn Burgenland

We had wedding here couple of years ago. We covered photo and video services that time. We documented photography of Friday’s Civil Ceremony Standesamtliche. more...

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