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Ceremony is a key milestone of wedding day. Photojournalistic documentary photography is best option to capture these moments. Unobtrusive observer capturing the event just as it happen using ambient light. It is the way we like it. Civil ceremony (Standesamtliche) takes just about 20 minutes so we have to be quite effective to take photo of the couple, guests and location. Religious ceremony (kirchliche) takes usually longer time, even one hour, but church is place where one cannot jump from place to place. To cover the story we need to change our position multiple times but without interrupting. We sometimes coincide with the crowd and start gradually not to attract a lot attention. See the variety of marriages from Standesamt office, church, vineyard, terrace, garden, castle (schloss), chateau and wine cellar. We cover localities over Austria and Slovakia mostly Vienna and Bratislava.

Marek & Klara 

bride with father entering church for wedding ceremony
religious ceremony Bisamberg
newlyweds goint out of church
bride in the hands of groom - church ceremony
emotional moments from ceremony - Cesky Krumlov Hall of mirrors
funny moments from ceremony - Mouse on Wedding
bride taking care about groom
worried priest - religious ceremony
wedding on the terrace - Europahaus Vienna
wedding rings on green pillow
happy newlyweds and bubble blowers - bubbles
bride groom lips
groom bless bride - religious ceremony
priest blessing bride and groom
religious ceremony Obermayerhofen
flower petals - church ceremony
church - religious ceremony
bride and groom entering church
happy newlyweds leaving church
wedding ring - ringfinger
ceremony Stift Gottweit
religious ceremony Stift Gottweit
church at Stift Gottweit - Wedding Austria
Bride and father entering church ceremony - Schloss Halbturn Austria Burdenland
ceremony first kiss - Halbturn Austria Burdenland
happy newlyweds - bubbles - Halbturn Burgenland
happy newlyweds - flower petals - Schloss Krumbach Austria
happy newlyweds - flower petals - Stift Gottweig Austria Niedeosterreich
wedding - ribbons and bells - Wotrubakirche Vienna
wedding in Vienna vineyard - Wiengut Cobenzl
bride and groom - throwing flower petals
bride groom bubbles
bride and groom in religious ceremony
wedding in vineyard - Vienna - Cobenzl
wedding in vineyard - Vienna - Cobenzl - Bride and Father
wedding vineyard - Vienna
priest bride groom
priest bride groom leaving church
newlyweds leaving church
end of religious ceremony
throwing rice on bride and groom
Dom Svateho Martina wedding Bratislava
ceremony Schloss Krumbach
bride groom and dog
bride sign wedding Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna
wedding ceremony Weingut Hajszan Vienna
bride and groom blessing
priest blessing bride and groom
candle religious ceremony
religios ceremony cameraman
priest bessing - wedding ceremony
entering the church - Stift Gottweig
wedding rings on pillow
happy ceremony in Cesky Krumlov - Hall of Mirrors
wedding ceremony Chateau Bela Slovakia
standesamt krumbach
a liitle troubles with wedding ring
funny wedding ceremony
bride signing wedding
child on wedding ceremony
child on wedding ceremony eating banana
wedding in the garden - Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna
wedding ceremony - emotion
photos from wedding ceremonies - Austrian and Slovak weddings

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