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Wedding old timer and cars

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Transportation during wedding day on a oldtimer car or horse carriage has not only visual but also practical effect. You need transport for wedding with more locations anyway, so renting a car with chauffeur looks like great solution. If the car is available afterwards can be used for photographingt. Think about it if you like to have such an extra pictures.

Would you like to rent a wedding car (in German Hochzeitsauto mieten) for your wedding? See the options you have in Vienna or Austria. Check each of the suppliers and decide for the right one.

  • hochzeits old timer Wien
wedding cars and old timers

List of wedding

transport vendors in Austria & Vienna

Hochzeitsauto Kutsche

Luxus Klasse


Oldtimer Vermietung

Hochzeitsauto Mieten

Oldtimer Vermietung

Sammeln Oldtimer

Oldtimer Fahren


Oldtimer Mieten

Richard Oldtimer

Wiens Stretch Limousine


Book a Classic

Limousine Mieten Wien

Wedding Car Hire Vienna

Real wedding pictures | Wedding transport | Old timers | Limousines | Horses

bride and groom on horse carriage in Salzburg Mozart's square

White horses and carriage in Salzburg on Mozart Square (Platz). Would you make it any better? In Salzburg can horse carriages travel over the city centre, so not use this service there would be sad.

wedding rolls royce - spirit of ecstasy
beautiful bride in Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce and beautiful bride. Nothing to change here too.

blue vintage car wedding

Old timers looks great on the weddings, maybe are less practical in today's world. If you travel for longer distance, think about hard top option, otherwise you do not need to order any hair stylist :-).

bride and groom in wedding car white VW beetle
wedding white Rolls Royce Vienna
wedding Rolls Royce with chauffeur
bride and groom on Vespa - panning photo
bride and brown oldtimer car
groom comming out of the car
bride groom cabrio mercedes
groom and white Cadillac Vienna Weingut Cobenzl
wedding Cadillac and bouquet
Wedding vintage Chevrolet Oldtimer
Skoda vintage wedding car wedding oldtimer
newlyweds in vintage wedding oldtimer
bride kiss groom
bride and weeding guests in city train - Vienna

Need to move more wedding guest? City train is an option in Vienna. It takes longer time to move on the other side of the city, so takes some beers...but mind there are no toilets there...

groom and bestman in the small city train drinking beer
bride in Rolls Roice
Rolls Roice at hotel - wedding photographer Austria
VIP Rolls Royce
leaving bride and groom mercedes cabrio
wedding cars & old timers on Austrian wedding

Other wedding vendors in Austria

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