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In this section you will learn about images
thet will be used for publications like books, magazines, internet...
Besides planning activities and production it is often editing that makes final photography ready for publishing.
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For Your Editiorials | Commercial & Promotions
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Photography of any genre can be used for editorial purpose, all depends on your business field, fantasy and budget.
freelance editorial portrait photography | detail on lips & mouth

Do you need images for book, magazine or online?

Editorial images will be used in books, magazines, internet, social networks and newspapers. 
The same goes for video.(interview, reportage) Short clip promoting your business ready to be published online. We use the term editorial but any event documentary, corporate portrait, product, advertising, commercial, or fine art photography belongs to editorial group when you plan to use them for this purpose.

I. Pre-Production

and define your needs. Let us know details to have all inputs for:

II. Production

Only after successful production we will finish all post-processes during last part:

where you get you final product.

Event or Portrait vs. Editorial

What makes them different from standard event documentary photo or portrait? Best editorial Photography shows what words cannot communicate.
On the other hand  for editorial purpose the picture have to supplement or complete the text, often may need bigger „negative“ zone a proper place on picture for title, highlight message, logo or just plain text. (like a cover of the magazine)
business editorial photographer | sportshooter
So we need to consider this when taking the picture. Usually uniform unfocused background and simple color scheme works best. Also editing has to adapt to yours color’s and mood’s requirements, while event documentary keeps more from real life and atmosphere.


Especially for editorial or commercial photography (or video) we would need to know following:

1. address & date of the photo session planed

(where it takes place & when),

2. start & end time

(how long you need us)

3. delivery time & release date

(or other deadlines)

4. is text part finished already?

(can we read it?..)

5. any orientation requested

( vertical for cover, horizontal, diagonal or square..)

6. any color scheme requested, what to avoid

(competitors colors, products...)

7. what style, mode, format

(number of photos, length of video, tiffs, jpegs, editing)

8. are you looking for bargain or best service

(your budget or options)

Check Event documentary and Portrait section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section.
business editorial photographer services to meet your goals
Note:Take time to define your goals only that helps us to reach them!
We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.

For smaller orders e-mails exchange works just fine for is, for bigger and more complex cases we may meet personally.



When we reached agreement and only if we fully understand your needs we are ready to cover your event. Usually there is one chance to capture every detail therefore we have to align our understanding of goals to be reached properly.

Photography & Video

Our style

We are oriented for natural photography and video rather then extremely stylized, staged, CG (computer generated) or heavily manipulated. So even real life documentary pictures can serve as editorial piece, but a little help, little trick makes it mush easer to reach the goals. Add some light, choose nice background, and let people do their job in modified environment. No Professional actors are needed or artificially build stage, if a crew is familiar with the plan, if there is sufficient time and will, we can reach very natural results in relatively efficient manner. (no paid models). For fashion the situation may be different, but for editorial to boots your business a people from real life may be starring.


By default we use latest digital cameras, but or request as extra feature we can use also traditional analogue film cameras. This need to be discussed prior to the action. This is more for photo enthusiastic or to reach real old fashion look.

Editorial photography covers wide range of photo genres from documentary to fine art. Feel free to contact us for any photo & video project.
  • editorial commercial photographer
Editorial photos  | Austria & Slovakia
  • editorial portrait after editing
editorial portrait before & after


Compared to documentary here you get less quantity but more edited photography. Level of editing depends on requirements, as well as completeness of editing.

We may prepare ready to print material in PDF or finished jpegs or tiffs for your editor. For video we provide you ready to publish clip in requested parameters. (Full HD, 4K)

This part is most demanding for time, especially video, so it takes more time the production. May takes days or weeks.

Synergize services to be cost effective: Regular business vs. one time action, Photo & Video together, Event documentary & Portrait Session, Got Editorial from Event documentary.
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Gallery | Business | Editorial | Commercial | Editing

The best way to get natural looking photography or video is "Unobtrusive observers capturing the event of the day just as they happen this is our vision of perfect event documentary.
editorial portrait photography | detail on eyes
Pixel size detail of the edited portrait | from the photo above (post-production section}
Editorial photography Slovakia Bratislava
Natural light | Color edited
natural Editorial photography Vienna
Natural light used unly | Natural pose
freelance business portrait photography as editorial | Slovakia
Danka Barteková | portrait, set up light, montage from muliple photos
sport portrait photo used as editorial  Slovakia
Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková | portrait edited for editorial purpose
etitorial photographer Austria Vienna | happy family emotion
Set up editorial photo | ambient & additional lights used
Photojournalistic moments documentary photography Slovakia
Danka Bartekova signing book
business event photography Slovakia
reporrtage photo
freelance reporrtage photo from event - helicopter

Business locations | Exteriors and interiors | Ambient light

freelance corporate-photo-company-logo - Bratislava business photographer
corporate-photo-company-exterior - Bratislava business photographer
freelance corporate-photo-company- Vienna
corporate-photo-company-exterior-night shot

Video | Documentary & Interview | Ambient light

MarTinka from stillandmotionpictures.com on Vimeo.

video - interview & documentary

Editing | Retouching

  • editorial after editing
Backgroung edited | befote & arter
  • book cover design for editorial use
book covers
  • editing human skin - after
editing before - after
  • detail of editing - eye
editing details

Real estate photography | Exteriors and interiors | Ambient or Artificial light

real-estate-photography - Bratislava business photographer
real-estate-photography - Bratislava business photographer
real-estate-photography- Vienna business photographer

Book layout | Ready for print

book-layout - Bratislava business photographer
book-layout - Bratislava business photographer
book-layout-ready for print
best editorial is natural pose
Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková | Best in class

Check Event documentary, Portrait, Editorial or Photojournalism section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section.

We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.
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