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In this section you will learn about reportages.
Real life situations captured without script. Without a doubt life is a best director.
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  • poetical documentary reportage photographer Vienna | bicycle
Memento Pictures!

Hire a photographer reporter for any events you like to capture. Sport event, demonstration, exhibition, ....

We are ready to cover Austria, Slovakia or Czech Republic with our photo & video services.
We help you to deliver news in a creative format that is not only informative, but also entertaining.
The images combined with text makes facts more relatable to your audiences.
You can hire freelance photographer for one event only or on regular base.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

To hire me let me know following following:

1. address & date

(where & when),

2. start & end time

(how long you need me)
3. what style, format (# of photos, length of video, jpegs, editing)

4. delivery time & release date

(when do yoy need relults)

Tell a news story by still and motion pictures!

Check Event documentary , Portrait  or Editorial section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section



Do you need photo & video reporter?

Let me capture collect and edit news material for your publication or broadcast.
  • Hire photo reporter Vienna Austria
Observational documentary mode is best option for me, allowing viewers to reach whatever conclusions they may deduce. (again the but) But Poetic storytelling mode suits more some genres.
photo reporter | services to meet your goals
Note:Take time to define your goals only that helps us to reach them!
We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.

For smaller orders e-mails exchange works just fine for is, for bigger and more complex cases we may meet personally.

Photography & Video

Discursive | Observative | Poetical

Natural photography and video is only way for storytelling journalism - to show real "face" of the world. Ambient light, audio and background is only choice for this genre.
In case you need to underline some emotional point, we may be more poetical.
We would not prefer to use strict Expository or Participatory mode, but some hybrid mode is possible. Learn about modes below.

Our Gear

By default we use latest digital cameras, but or request as extra feature we can use also traditional analogue film cameras. This need to be discussed prior to the action. This is more for photo enthusiastic or to reach real old fashion look.
We use many lenses of different focal length, more camera bodies, even some smaller for any situation. We are ready for any light and weather conditions.
  • Photo Reporter | Nature of Slovakia | rocks pyramid
Observative & Poetical | Reportage


Timing depends of your dements, if you need result in real time, you will get jpegs direct from camera (sent over cell phone).
If some time possible for post-production we do all basic editing. Or we can send you unedited RAW files. (photo, video or audio)

Our naturally developed “handwriting” corresponds to following modes:

Discursive storytelling modethat gives priority to information, facts and logic.
Poetic storytelling mode(Impressionistic)  that is built up around audio visual poetic associations, less on a storyline or conventional narrative logic. Tend to be lyrical rather than didactic, poetic rather than argumentative.
Observational modefrom our point of view similar to Discursive but allowing viewers to reach whatever conclusions they may deduce. Less or no music used, no interviews, no scene arrangement of any kind, and no narration.
There are also modes like the
Participatory mode where the filmmaker does interact with subjects rather than unobtrusively observe them. But this mode is less typical for business events, unless you plan to use moderator or attendant (Expository Documentary - address the spectators directly through an on-screen commentator or off-screen narration)
Hybrid mode  may use characteristics from any mode to meet you specific goal.
Synergize services to be cost effective: Regular business vs. one time action, Photo & Video together, Event documentary & Portrait Session, Got Editorial from Event documentary.
- pictures -
Gallery | Photojournalism | Observative |Poetical

Real life, no "photoshopping" , informative and entertaining. Only viewers will reach whatever conclusions they may deduce.
Freelance Photo Reporter Bratislava | Refugees Welcome | Hire a Photographer
Photo Reporter Bratislava | Pink lady | Hire a Photographer
Photo freelance Reporter Bratislava | demonstration | Hire a Photographer
Photo Reporter | Special Police Unit | in black balaclava | Slovakia
Photojournalistic  photography Slovakia Bratislava | demonstration
Poetical Photojournalistic  photography | Police car
Poetical Photojournalistic photography
Discursive Photojournalistic  photography | Demonstration Bratislava Police
Photojournalistic  photography | Police | Special Force in action
Photojournalistic moments  | No entry | police gap crime scene
Reportage photo | Ways of life | old man tram young man
reporrtage photo | running boy
Reportage photographer | High Tatras Slovakia
reporrtage photo | load too much | trip
poetical photojournalistic photography | old man and church
observative photojournalistic freelance photography for news | fire and black smoke
Observative photojournalistic photography | hidden working man
news photojournalistic photography | bulletproof police car Slovakia
observative photojournalistic photography | what has happened there?
photojournalistic photography | Giacommo Agostini signing fan cards
Photo Reporter Bratislava | shoes on Cable
Photojournalistic moments  | drunken girl | Actors watching
Photojournalistic street photography | lady and dog
Poetical impressionism Photojournalistic photography | Vienna Manner tram
Poetical impressionism Photojournalistic photography | Vienna
Poetical impressionism Photojournalistic photography | People Prague
Poetical impressionism Photojournalistic photography | Prague
Reportage photo Slovakia | Strbske Pleso in winter
Photojournalistic photography

Check Event documentary, Portrait, Editorial or Photojournalism section to learn more about option and possibilities. Describe verbally the goals you wish to achieve with the photography or video.

Write e-mail or use form in contact section.

We will come back with proper service to suit your needs.
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