Film Wedding Photography

In this section you will find timeless analog
photos captured on celluloid film in 35mm and middle format 120.
This suits more for photo enthusiastic then do not ask what is the advantage compared to digital.
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Traditional analog film

Timeless Analogue | Photojournalism & Portraits

Check our traditional analog film photography and compare it with digital. In reduced internet resolution you can see just color differences. There are more differences, in sharpness, resolution, dynamic range, captured details and price. Film is different compared to digital, film feels more organic. Film is not magical, it is older technology. Digital is sharper and has better resolution. But the final result looks great on film and not all features can be replaced with modern digital cameras.

Most used films nowadays for wedding photography are Fuji Film 400H and Kodak Portra 160 or 400. In Black and white film Kodak TRI-X 400 of any of Ilfort Delta. Both as middle format 120 or 35mm format. Film looks best on day light, real filmlovers withstand film photos from low light too. As a best option we see combination of film and digital - hybrid wedding photography, to use the best from both worlds. If you need to ask for benefits of film photography, then stay with digital as very practical solution.

Marek & Klara

wedding at Mirabell Palace Marble hall in Salzburg - Kodak Portra 160 PRO
wedding photo - Ilford Delta 3200PRO
wedding photo - Kodak Portra 160 PRO - Salzburg
groom signing wedding papers - Ilford Delta 3200 - best wedding photo
wedding emotions - Kodak film photography Austria
wedding - Ilford Delta 3200
bride groom under arches Mirabell Gardens - Kodak Portra
bride and groom in Mirabell Gardens - Kodak TRI-X400 FILM
bride and groom
bride and white horses and carriage - Fujifilm PRO400H
wedding horse drawn carriage in Salzburg - Kodak TRI-X400 FILM
Bride and groom kissing in Residence square in Salzburg - Kodak TRI-X400 FILM
wedding phootgrapher Salzburg
film wedding photo Austria - documentary and fine art | Hochzeitsfotogaf Wien
hochzeit fotograf wien, film fotografie - Fuji Film PRO 400H
rise in the head - Fuji Film PRO 400H - wedding
moment - Vienna wedding photography - Fuji Film PRO 400H 35mm
groom and bride on carriage - Vienna wedding - film Fuji Film PRO 400H
Fuji Film PRO 400H 120 - Hochzeit fotografie on Film
film hochzeit fotografie - Fuji Film PRO 400H 120
Fuji Film PRO 400H - hochzeit
Traditional Wedding photographer Vienna - Fuji Film PRO 400H
Vienna volksgarden - wedding baloons - Best wedding photographer Vienna
portrait of groom and bestman - Hochzeitsfotograf Wien
portrait of groom and bestman - Wien
Fuji Film Pro400H wedding photo In Vienna - Austria
Lusthaus exterior - wedding photo Fuji Film Pro400H
Fuji Film Pro400H - Lusthaus interior - wedding
wedding speeches - Lusthaus interiors - Kodak Portra 800
wedding speeches - Lusthaus interiors - Ilford Delta 3200 pro
wedding speeches - Lusthaus interior - Kodak Portra 800
Lusthaus wedding - Ilford Delta 3200 pro
Ilford Delta 3200 pro - bestman speech
Lusthaus hochzeit - film foto Kodak Portra 800
wedding Ilford Delta 3200 120
black and white wedding photo Vienna Lusthaus - Ilford Delta 3200
black and white wedding photo Vienna Lusthaus - Ilford Delta 3200
Vienna Lusthaus - Hochzeitsfotograf - festsaal - interior
wedding dance - Inford Delta 3200 pro 120
hochzeit film fotografie Wien - Fuji Film PRO 400H
Film wedding photographer Vienna - bride and groom portrait
bouquet - Fuji Film PRO 400H
Film photographer Vienna - Bride and groom with old timer
Reportage Wedding photographer Vienna - Film is not dead
Film photographer Vienna - Kaasgrabenkirche Dobling Vienna
OLD timer V8 BMW - wedding in Vienna - Kaasgrabenkirche Dobling
Film wedding photo - Kodak TRI-X 400
wedding - Kodak TRI-X 400
Kodak TRI-X 400 - wedding kid playing on wedding
Kodak TRI-X 400 - kid falling down
Black and white wedding film photography Vienna - Kodak TRI-X400
natural wedding photographer Vienna - Fuji Film PRO400H
film wedding photography Vienna
groom - film photography
wedding table plan golden frames
fine art wedding photgraphy Vienna - Film wedding photography
wedding decoration menu golden plate spoon fork knife
wedding decoration table golden plate spoon fork knife
reportage on film FujiFilm 400H PRO - Hochzeit Wien
Kodak TRI-X 400 on wedding photography
Wedding portrait bride - Kodak TRI-X 400 - Vienna
Wedding portrait groom - Kodak TRI-X 400 - Vienna
table schedule Black and white wedding
fine art wedding photography Vienna - Film in not dead
wedding fine art film photographer Austria - The couple
wedding at schlosshoff - hochzeit in schlosshof - film is not dead
bride and groom by old timer Rolls Royce - film wedding photography
inside the wedding Rolls Royce - couple wedding photo
bride - film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
Schlosshof wedding -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
portrait bride -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding decoration -  film wedding photography Fuji Film Pro 400H
wedding drinks - film is not dead - wedding photo
group photo - Fuji Film Pro 400H
traditional analog film wedding photography Fuji film pro 400H 35mm
wedding at Fuji Film PRO 400H
Fuji film pro 400H - wedding flowers
wedding ceremony at Fuji Film PRO 400H
wedding emotions at Fuji Film PRO 400H - film photography
wedding congratulations at Fuji Film PRO 400H
wedding photojournalism at Fuji Film PRO 400H
wedding photography FujiFilm 400H
photography FujiFilm 400H Vienna - engagement
engagement photography vienna Kodak Portra 160
Kodak Portra 160 - 35mm Wedding photo
film wedding photos from weddings over Austria and Slovakia

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