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Natural & Storytelling Reportage | Long Short & Vintage
Photo Camera Ikon

Wedding Video Film | Cinema | Documentary

Wedding videographer, cinematographer or film maker - I would call myself as wedding documentary film maker. As for the photography, natural look ambient light and narrative story is the best we can imagine for wedding video film. Acting or posing in Wedding video is a little tricky, natural way is best to capture the story and the emotions just as they actually occurred. Cinéma Vérité, Truthfull Cinema, Kino Pravda, Direct Cinema or any other style of naturalistic documentary suit best our ideas for weddings. Naturalness over special effects. We offer you following options:

• long documentary version of wedding film from 15 to 30 minutes long, (more of speeches and ambient audio) including one clipped teaser (trailer) aqbout 5 min. long,
• shorter documentary wedding film about 10 to 15 minutes long, (less speeches covered) overview of whole wedding day

Key difference between long and short version is in speeches and ambient audio used. Both versions cover full story.
Multiple camera and external audio recording are essential for us. No planning for any cinema package is necessary. Life is incredibly good director! See documentary videos here or in real weddings blog.

MarTinka from on Vimeo.

wedding in Vienna La loft & Hotel Imperial

Wedding Vintage Film | Dreamy Video

"Special" vintage wedding film is quite extreme style to enhance the story and suppress any shyness. Result is a dreamy emotional poetical wedding film covering whole day story. Generally it is called "lens whacking video". To keep it attractive the movie is about 5 minutes long, ambient audio can be used as well as background music. You can get really impressive atmosphere into your wedding film. Check some dreamy look videos here or in real weddings blog.

MarTinka from on Vimeo.

dreamy vintage film - Vienna Schloss Hetzendorf

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