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1.Who are you?

We are well managed couple, husband and wife, living together almost 24 years, having two children and enjoying still and motion pictures. We first met at the wedding 25 years ago while I filmed a video and Klara enjoyed the wedding as a bridesmaid. I have been working like nuclear physicist and financial analyst for 10 years and photography has always been passion and counterweight to my quite stressful profession. Since 2009 the passion changed into profession and now the counterweight that keeps me perfectly balanced is my family. We love any event documentary, weddings or business events.
Marek was proud member of WPJA, ISPWP and BOWP. We prefer personal meeting over social networks - one friend is more then thousands likes, tweets or pins. See us in action here.

Moments being lost in past times,
but those which flew thru our lenses remained frozen for future.
  • wedding photographer for Vienna and Austria | Marek Valovic
  • Klara Hochzeitsfotografin Wien | Pfarrwirt
Marek & Klara | wedding photo-videgraphers
2.Are you photographers or videographers?

We offer both services. We can simultaneously cover both services even on different locations. Current technology makes is possible. For photography we offer both documentary & fine art. However natural documentary is essential for wedding documentary video. Bur see our special method for vintage videos. Check our portfolio learn more. We are always working together as a two photographers or film makers.

Everybody is great actor but just until observes a camera.

3.Do you shot digital or film?

Both ways belongs to our arsenal. Digital photography is practical in any conditions, analog (analogue) film shines in day light. For video is digital only solution. So called Hybrid photography – some combination of digital and analog "worlds" together is most practical solution for documentary and fine art photography.

4.Where do you offer your services?

We are based in Slovak capital Bratislava. We travel mostly into Austria and Slovakia, we are open for any Destination wedding or any other project. See weddings from venues we visited in recent times .

Recent destinations in Austria (Österreich): Schloss Altenhof, Stift Göttweig, Obermayerhofem, Schlosshof, Schloss Krumbach, Parkschlössl, Schonbrunn-Wotrubakirche-Triest, Palais Niederösterreich, Hotel Imperial and Le Loft, Lusthaus, Volksgarden, Weingut Reisenberg, Kaasgrabenkirche, Pfarrwirt Beethovenzimmer, Palmenhaus Vienna, Europahaus Orangerie, Schloss Hetzendorf, Weingut Cobenzl-Weingut Hajszan, Das Chadim, Asperhofe Gasthof Pree, Blumengarten Hirschstetten - Marina Restaurant, Schloss Höch Flachau, Lisa Alm Flachau, Salzburg Mirabell Palace & Gardens, Pfarrwirt Freskensaal, Schloss Margerethen am Moos, St.Jakob-Pfarrwirt, Stadtflucht Bergmühle, Merkelhof-Waisenhauskirche, Pamhagen-Burgenland, Römerhalle Mautern an der Donau (photos here), Salzburg Goldgasse Marble Hall & M32,

Wedding destinations in Slovakia: Bratislavský hrad, Reštaurácia hrad, River's Club, Kaštieľ Fričovce, Hotel Yasmín Košice, Castle Smolenice-hotel Štefánik Myjava, Modra harmónia, Château Béla, Bratislava, Kosariska U Juhasa, Kaštiel Tomášov, Bratislava-bratská jednota baptistovModrý Kostol - Reštaurácia Hrad, Matiaška - Garden Hotel Domaša, Art Hotel Tomášov, Castle Restaurant, Château Tomášov, Český Krumlov Hall of mirrors.

See info and photos about wedding locations in Austria and Slovakia.

5.Prices wedding Photo & Video | Vienna & Austria, Slovakia

Prices for wedding photography starts at 1140€. Wedding video film starts at the similar level as photography. For some combinations you can order both services photography and video together. To provide you final price for your wedding we would need to know:

1. Wedding date
2. Wedding localities, hotel, church, castle...
3. Brief Wedding Schedule with key milestones
4. Estimated number of wedding guests
5. Just digital photography or also analog film photography?
6. Any photobooks required?
7. Long video (20 to 30 min.) film or short (10 to 15 min.) overview of the day?
8. Also dreamy vintage video film, about 5 minutes emotional film?
9. Any extra day - civil ceremony or rendezvous?

If you are just completing your wedding plan and do not know all the details yet, we can provide you estimated price range from 1140€ for short basic documentary photography to almost 5000€ for long all inclusive photography and video.

See info about wedding photography prices in Austria. Feel free to inquire for a quote!

Feel from a perfect price will not last as long as feel from a perfect result!
  • wedding photography prices for Vienna Austria
weddings pics from Austrian and Slovakian weddings

6.What do we get as a result?

Usually photos and video in full resolution electronically (USB stick, DVD or BLURAY disc). All photos and video are also available online - ready to share. For film photos you get high definition scans in jpeg. Editing and retouching are an integral part of wedding photography and video. Each final photo is carefully selected and post-processed (also in Black & White modification), scanned and developed. We offer more options for photobooks or coffee table books. You will see all photos when you login into your gallery we create for you.

7.What are your requirements and needs?

Equipment and everything we need we manage and keep by ourselves. We would appreciate to have some place like table or corner to put down our tools during the wedding day. Please let us know if you plan to prepare refreshments also for us. Traveling is our concerns. For multiple days wedding we discuss all details individually.

MarTinka from stillandmotionpictures.com on Vimeo.

wedding in Lisa Alm Flachau

8.Do you meet us personally before the wedding?

It would be best option if it is possible for you. For International couples with limited traveling option we can use e-mail, phone or Skype communication. We need to discuss your ideas and wishes prior to wedding. We will plan together pre wedding, wedding and after wedding activities.

  • book hochzetsfotografie Wien
weddings venues Austria | Slovakia

10.What are the ways to book your services?

If you see the value in our work and you feel you have the photo or video at the top of your priority list feel free to contact us. Describe us verbally what your wishes are, your wedding date (engagement), start and end time, wedding locations, estimated number of guests, services you are interested in - photography, analog film photography, video, photobooks or other any other requirements.  
We are looking forward to hearing about your wedding plans!

11.Do you focus on real weddings or also on stages inspirational blogs?

Check our blog it is full of real weddings real situations which have actually occurred and which will no longer ever be repeated. We do not use actors and staged situations for our wedding portfolio. We prepared also wedding Ideas & Inspirations for you as well as list of wedding vendors for Vienna and Austria.

"No man ever steps in the same river twice".   Heraclitus
Panta Rhei - Photos Remain! That is what we think.

Marek & Klara

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