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In this section you find Photojournalistic and
Timeless Black & White wedding photography, Fine art and also
Traditional analog film photography also knonw as Hybrid wedding photography
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Documentary & Fine Art

Natural & Storytelling Reportage | Digital & Analogue
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I. Photojournalistic wedding photography | Documentary

Also known as wedding documentary reportage or candid photography. The main goal of these styles is to make a narrative story out of the wedding by capturing natural moments rather than setup poses. Observation and spontaneity are key elements here. Black & White timeless photography suits this style. Following points are main reasons why I love to use natural photography as fundamental tool for wedding day photography:

  • black and white wedding photojournalistic photography Stift Goetweig
black & white wedding pictures from Austria & Slovakia

• result are storytelling pictures full of moments and genuine emotions, snapshots that reflect the reality
and resemble your real memories of the day,
• documentary captures unique moment that are not copies of someone else’s wedding!
• subjects are not camera aware, are not acting and photographer does not influence the story,
prefer ambient light and coincides with the crowd. 
• no special planning is needed for documentary, we need to be familiar with your wedding schedule
to be sure to capture each milestone of the wedding day.

By milestone we understand getting ready, transportation, ceremony, congratulations, reception, group photos, dinner, food and drinks, details, bouquet and decorations, quests and kids, speeches, first dance, dancing, cutting cakes and traditions?

See more of our wedding photojournalistic pictures here.

  • wedding shues for groom
  • groom getting ready tie the tie
black & white documentary wedding pictures

II. Fine art wedding photography

Someone calls it as stylized, posed, fashion, editorial, illustrative, modern or creative wedding photography. Whatever you call it the meaning for weddings is similar. I personally recognize three key differences comparing to Photojournalism:

• artistic photography influences the reality thru photographer's or customer's visions,
• you as photographed objects are camera aware, you are acting and usually have more attempts to reach successful outcome,
• it needs to be planned and locations and time slots have to match with your wedding schedule.

Wedding planner would help significantly here if you are planning wedding just yourself we can support you and cover this during our personal meeting.

See more fine art photos here.

  • fine art wedding photography Vienna
fine art wedding pictures from Austria & Slovakia

III. Traditional analog film

Reason why we love to use Fine Art wedding photography is Analog Film. Traditional film photography enhances the result. Black & White or color film provides more organic feeling then digital does. Digital photography is great for low light conditions. We can edit digital pictures to get vintage or retro look, but analog film is more natural.

Check more film pictures.

  • beautiful bride wedding portrait on film
  • perfect bouquet green
wedding analog film pictures from Austria & Slovakia

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