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According to wikipédia page A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding. The services of a wedding planner can include:

Interviewing the couple and the parents to identify their needs.
Budget preparation
Event design and styling
Venues scouting
Planning detailed checklist (from about a year in advance to a few days after the wedding)
Attendee list preparation
Identification of event venues (hotels, wedding manor etc.)
Identifying and hiring of wedding professionals and service providers
Preparation and execution of contracts.
Procurement of customized decorations such as a journey map
Coordination of deliveries/services on the wedding day.
Have a back-up plan in the event of a disaster.
Manages the schedule, often with software.
Assist and prepare legal documentation and translations - especially for destination weddings

Remember wedding planner is spending most of the wedding day with the bride and the groom and solves all the troubles you may forgot once you choose one. Check following links where are listed Wedding Planners for Vienna and Austria. If you decide not to use wedding planner for your wedding you will probably need to check carefully other wedding vendors from our list.

  • hochzeitshummel hochzeitsplaner wien oesterreich
wedding planners in action from Austrian weddings

List of Wedding planners for Austria

Die Hochzeitshummel

A Very Beloved Wedding

Hochzeits Planer

Venus Weddings

Die Perfekte Hochzeit

Durch Geplant

Herz Koenigin

High Emotion Weddings
Die Hochzeitsfee

Tiroler Hochzeitsplaner

The Wedding Planner

Wedding Events

Wedding Center

Event Planungs Coach

Real wedding pictures | Wedding planners in Action | Vienna Salzburg Halbturn

Susanne Hummel wedding planner in action - decoration

Wedding planner support you in any situation and keeps the action on.
Also the decoration of location is her business. Professionals makes your wedding day perfect.

wedding planner supports bride
wedding decoration
tossing bouquet - wedding planner action

Tossing the bouquet is must have part of most weddings. Takes short time but you will remember it for life time. Choose carefully yours vendors, photographer needs to part of any wedding situation.

wedding planner makes fun - Vienna Shoenbrunn
why you need wedding planner -  Sewing thread and needle

You never know what is going to happen - planner usually knows. He or she is equipped with many tools, ready for any unexpected situations like broken dress. Sewing thread and needle is key for wedding. Not all us are ready for such a situations.

wedding planner in action Vienna
wedding dress repairing by wedding planner
wedding planner and the wedding dress during ceremony

Wedding dress needs to be perfect during ceremony, who from guest will manage it better?
The wedding crew is inevitable for bigger weddings with complex schedule.

wedding planner hepls
the wedding crew on wedding
Bride and wedding planner
Lorinda in action - wedding design and decoration
wedding decor - table - cutomised decoration

There are wedding planners that cover decoration for you. Some venues has its own decoration, but extra service provides you customised decor according your wishes.
Budget limits a lot of couples to have their dreamed wedding. Make your priority list. What is most important part for you. But remember any weak piece in your wedding "chain" can cause disaster. Top profi decor needs to be photographed well, your make up and hair style have to be perfect till the end and your dress, music and food....check other vendors too.

golden plate - extra wedding decor according yor wishes
a perfect wedding decor - menue - cutomised decoration

Wedding planner discuss with you any news and updates. Your day have to be just perfect. Do not hesitate to communicate any wish you have. Time is limited during wedding day.

Wedding planner welkomming the couple
photos of wedding planners from Austrian weddings

Other wedding vendors in Austria

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