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  • how to naturaly pose for wedding photos
How to naturaly pose

Almost each part of the wedding day has distinguishing features that cannot be repeated any other day. Bride's and Groom's families meet usually for first time, wedding vendors more...
  • Wedding ideas and inspiration DIY
Wedding ideas inspiration DIY

During the planning period have brides a lot of ideas what would be best for their wedding day. As the date approaches the ideas are more realistic and suits better more loaded budget more...
  • How to choose wedding photographer & video maker
How to choose photo & video

The boom in wedding photo business during recent years caused a tough competition. What brings a lot of options for customer. But the quantity of offers makes your  more...
  • wedding dance
Dancing & first dance

For this part of the wedding we do not use daylight as dancing take place at night. We use ambient light or flashes. There are more rules to use a flash. My favorite rule is NO FLASH more...
  • traditional wedding dancers
Cake & habits traditions

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe" this Old English tradition is well known everywhere in Austrian's or Slovakia's wedding more...
  • wedding prices of photo and video for Vienna and Austria
Photo & Video prices for Austria

Prices for wedding photography starts at 1240€ for „short“ photo documentary of wedding day. „Short“ is defined not just how long it takes but also by number of wedding quests more...
  • make up details
Getting ready & preparation

First part of wedding schedule photographer starts with is usually preparation or Getting Ready. Bride and Groom prepare for the wedding day. Make up, hair style, wearing the more...
Life is infinite quantity of unique moments that never repeat.

Panta Rhei - Photos Remain!

Marek Valovic
  • groom signing ceremony
Civil & religious ceremonies

Ceremony is a key milestone of wedding day. Photojournalistic documentary photography is best option to capture these moments. Unobtrusive observer capturing the event just as it more...
  • congratulation emotional
Congratulations & greetings

Congratulations used to take place directly after ceremony. Spontaneous and from the heart, you cannot plan it in details. It just starts and it is full of emotions. Family and more...
  • red balloons hearts
Reception cocktail hour agape

Think about wedding guest when preparing wedding schedule. One location weddings has easy situation but when you need to change more location during the wedding day you need to more...
  • blue vintage car wedding Bratislava
Wedding transportation

Transportation during wedding day on a oldtimer car has not only visual but also practical effect. You need transport for wedding with more locations anyway, so renting a car more...
Everybody is great actor but just until observes a camera.

Marek Valovic
  • wedding deco table
Decorations bouquet rings

Part of photojournalistic documentary are also photos of wedding details a decorations. Usually we do not style them. We capture the situation as it is. Editorial photography more...
  • smoking wedding guest
Guests kids & speeches

Guests are indivisible part of the wedding. Unless we agree any other way we focus to capture each wedding guest. The story that is happening behind Bride's and Groom's back more...
  • How to plan own wedding | Timeline | Checklist
How to plan own wedding

To plan a wedding is challenge even for experienced wedding planner. To plan your own wedding mean a lot of searching. We prepare for you a summary tips how to plan more...
  • wedding dinner moments
Dinner food & drinks

Wedding dinner is high point of wedding. After a long busy day everyone deserve a small reward. See the differences in tastes, colors and quantities. Roast pig, pork, beef more...
  • wedding group photo Vienna
Wedding group photos

There is couple of situation in a life when you get together all your family. This is a great opportunity to take a Group photo. We do not limit your ideas about wedding group more...

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