Wedding Dinner - Food - Drinks

Pork, beef, chicken, dinner, finger food, desserts.
Inspire from real wedding tables over Austria & Slovakia

Eating on the Wedding

Tasteful | Delicious

WARNING! LEAVE THIS GALLERY IF YOU ARE HUNGRY! Only for fully fed otherwise you will be experiencing torture here :-) Wedding dinner is high point of wedding. After a long busy day everyone deserve a small reward. See the differences in tastes, colors and quantities. Roast pig, pork, beef, fish, dumpling, chicken, garnish platters, cheese, grapes, sweet savoury, desserts, coffee… well the words are useless here, check the pictures. Let's eat with your eyes.
Marek & Klara 

wedding dinner dumpling
wedding dinner light vegetable salad
wedding dinner sweet cakes
wedding dinner beef and dumpling - Eating
wedding dinner garnish platter
wedding dinner garnish platter - cheese and grapes
wedding dinner
wedding dinner garnish platter cheese and bunch on grapes
wedding dinner appetizer
ham - garnish platter - wedding
wedding appetizer - ham cheese vegetable
wedding main course - beef steak
wedding main course - fish
wedding menu Schloss Hetzendorf Vienna
wedding sweet savoury
wedding appetizer - fish
garnish platter - vegetalbe - wedding
wedding cakes, sweets, savoury
wedding garnish platters
Wedding main course
Wedding main course - filled dumpling
wedding cakes, DIY
wedding drinks, vodka, bottles
wedding starter - appetizer
wedding main course - duck and dumpling
confetti wedding reception
wedding main course - duck and dumpling
wedding main course - fish
wedding desserts
wedding roast pig pork - Vienna
wedding roast pig pork - Vienna - Schloss Atlenhof
wedding roast pig pork - Austria
preparing port meat for wedding dinner
waiter moving fast - Obermayerhofen - Butterfly hall
waiter moving fast - Tuttendorfl - Austria - wedding photographer
waiter moving fast - wedding photographer
waiter check the food for wedding dinner
wedding dinner ready use
wedding dinner Bratislava Castle
wedding dinner Bratislava Castle - table
wedding dinner Tuttendorfl Austria
wedding dinner Cesky Krumlov
wedding dinner Schloss Hetzendorf
weddding wine
funny wedding dessert
waiter appetizer
Tuttendorfl wedding dinner
drinking wedding menu - surprice
preparing roast pork for wedding dinner Parkschloessl Vienna
chinese wedding alcohol
drinking on wedding - Palais Niederosterreich Vienna
full wedding service - dinner
Retaurant Tuttendorfl - wedding
wedding dinner - bride and groom
wedding dinner - newlyweds
Schonbrunn Orangery Vienna
restaurant Bratislava castle
Wedding dinner Schloss Altenhof
Wedding dinner Stift Gottweig
Wedding dinner Palais Niederosterreich Vienna
Wedding dinner Schloss Hetzendoft Vienna
Wedding dinner - young girls
Wedding dinner - alcohol and juice
sweet wedding dessert- savoury
photos of wedding foods from Austrian and Slovak weddings

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