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Live music  & DJs

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Basically you can have two kind of wedding music. First is Live Music Band and the second is DJ. Or you can have both of course. Live music is great but almost any DJ can mix top recordings into an unforgettable experience. Beside what you like personally, consider what your wedding guests may like. It is they who will fill the dance floor and will keep things going in full swing and that is what you want.

Think about music for ceremony, your choice for dancing part may not be technically or logistically able to manage civil or church ceremony. So any solo singer or violin trio may be an option here. Some ceremony locations have music included, live or recorded. Consider all facts and choose carefully. Below shown is the list of Music Bands and DJs for Vienna and Austria.

  • hochzeitsband wien army garde music
wedding music & DJs from Austrian weddings

List of wedding music for Vienna & Austria

Ihr Partner für Hochzeitsmusik in Österreich

Wir umrahmen Ihre Veranstaltung musikalisch!

Hochzeitsmusik Coverage

Wir sind Ihr partner!

Die musikalische Umrahmung für Ihre Hochzeit

Hochzeitsmusik Blums Brothers

Hochzeitsmusik Innsbrucker

Hochzeitsband Fayes & Stolz

Perfect Melody

Die beste Musik für Ihre Hochzeit in Wien und Österreich

Mister Beat Certified Hochzeits DJ Wien

DJ Wolfgang Koppel – Ihr Hochzeit & Event DJ

Misterbeat DJ

Der Hochzeitsdj

Ihr Hochzeits DJ in ganz Österreich

Perfect Beat

DJ Alex

DJ für die Hochzeit, Hochzeitsmusik

Jahrelange Erfahrung als Hochzeits-DJ und Moderator

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wedding DJ with lighting in action

Wedding DJs used to have some lighting. Ask for this feature as the atmosphere will change dramatically. You can switch in off anytime, but you will like definitely like it.

dj in action - wedding lights
drums player on wedding - live music band

Live music is welcomed on wedding. Live band needs to have rest in some cycles. If you plan hard dancing without breaks, think about DJs or combination.

elegant music band
detail of musician
wedding dance - snake - Schloss Altenhof
traditional wedding music
saxaphone player on wedding
bride and DJ
traditional wedding band
cepcenie - traditional wedding bride
traditional wedding pro dances
army music band on wedding
army music band on wedding
Saturday night fewer dancing on wedding party

Wedding guests appreciate good wedding music. There is no party without music.

wedding dance party art photo
wedding music bands and DJs on Austrian wedding

Other wedding vendors in Austria

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